We’re Skateboarders. We Work Hard. We Have Goals and We Work Until We Reach Them, No Matter What. No One Ever Sets Out With the Goal of “Throwaway” But Sometimes in the Process of Reaching and Planning For the Best, Progress Kicks In. Time Passes, Things Change and You Find Yourself Looking Back to a Place You Didn’t Know You’d Even Travel To, But Hoped You Would See. A Place Where the Goals You Once Strived For Become Just Another Stepping Stone to the Places You Want to Be.


“Throwaway” Can So Often Be Seen in a Negative Light as a Skateboarder or an Excuse for An Instagram Update…. So We Decided to Take the Best of Our “Throwaway” and Put It Together in a Collection of Clips Which Either Didn’t “Make the Cut” for an Upcoming Video Part, Sat on the Shelf Too Long or Ones We Personally Grew Out of Along Our Journey of Progress.

Enjoy the Trip.

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