In This Edition of SKATE[LOCAL]™ Contest Coverage We Check Into Toronto, Canada and Volcom’s “Wild in the Parks” at Ashbridges Skate Plaza Featuring Some of Toronto and Ontario’s (and Beyond) Top Skateboarding Talent From Youth to AM Status and More.

Photo Trinity Noble

Volcom’s “Wild in the Parks” – Toronto, Canada

Jonah Melnyk – Backside Tailslide Big Spin

Bailey Seager – Inward Heelflip

Scott Lauzon – Frontside Nosegrind

Noah Cleroux – Hardflip

Backside Lipslide

Jagger Bond – Frontside Feeble Grind

Backside 180 Grab Over the Rail

LASERFLIP153Laser Flip

Dylan Campbell – Frontside Bluntslide Shuv

Nick Bettinger – Backside Hurricane

Backside Smith Grind

Nick Bettinger – Frontside 180 Nosegrind

Jayden Bono – Frontside 180 Sw Crooked Grind

FSBOARD_AM2Dillon Fleming – Frontside Boardslide Shuv Up the Rail

Rylan Shaver – Hardflip

John Osborne – Switch Bluntslide to Regs

Pat Laflamme – Frontside Flip Over the Hubba

Jamie Bennett – Cab Flip Frontside Boardslide

Ben Paterson – Switch 270 Noseblunt Slide

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